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Few know the history and culture of Nintendo better than Florent Gorges and Isao Yamazaki.
Brian Ashcrash (Otaku.com)

The History of Mario

The History of Mario

Limited to 500 copies!


Today Mario is a video game icon, known by millions of us worldwide. However, things were different in 1981, as Mario was all but a humble plumber, and he had no reason at all to rise up to the lofty perch of being the first and premium international ambassador for Nintendo.
Where the question of Mario is concerned, we ask not so much " who is he ? ", but moreso " Why him ? "

From New York to Kyoto, we offer a thorough and super detailed look into the world of Mario, winding through the eighties and taking in it's gmes and technological innovation to establish the fascinating development of Mario through the decades.

Written by William Audureau, an expert in video games since 2002, The History of Mario will let you discover a new world through the eyes of the most famous plumber in the world.

Features of the book - 
Published: june 2014 (UK)
Number of pages: 426
Text: English
Author: William Audureau


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Price : £ 22,99