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Mario Goodies Collection - Classic Edition

Mario Goodies Collection - Classic Edition


Discover the universe of the most famous hero in video games in this one-of-a-kind book!


There are some unbelievable stories. People you never thought you would meet. People with incredible personalities! Mitsugu Kikai is the most hardcore Mario collector. Figurines, plushes, T-shirts, pens, boardgames, drinks, phones, notebooks, furniture, audio tapes, bikes, manga and even cotton buds! Kikai shows us his special world and his thousands of Mario items. A unique book, full of surprises, dedicated to all the collectors throughout the world.



Content :

  • The biggest collection of Mario by-products
  • More than 5,000 pictures of this incredible collection
  • Thousands of rare and incredible items
  • A whole chapter dedicated to the rarest items 

Features of the book -
Published: may 2014
Number of pages: 256
Text : Bilingual book (English / French)
Author: Mitsugu Kikai

Availability : Now
Price : £ 25,00