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Few know the history and culture of Nintendo better than Florent Gorges and Isao Yamazaki.
Brian Ashcrash (Otaku.com)
The History of Sonic Collector Edition, available now!
Thursday, 24 January 2013 15:01

2011-11-17 SONIC Sortie


The History of Sonic has been nominated in the 2012 « best trade book of the year» category at the « Gem Award » and it is now available in an exclusive collector's edition, which can only be purchased on the Pix'n Love Publishing website !

Sega's mascot, Sonic, was born Twenty years ago. Twenty years of history and 20 years of glory. Throughout his life, Sonic has been able, over several generations to bring joy and happiness to all players who have tried to tame the devil of a hedgehog and live his adventures. Twenty years of fun certainly, but also of technological innovation and creative fun. Created originally in 2D, today, Sonic operates in a vast and rich 3D world.
Sonic's story traces a fifth of a century since its debut on the Megadrive. Through anecdotes, interviews, artwork and original drawings, this book will reveal the hidden face of the mascot of Sega and will open up a unique and imaginative world to you, the reader.

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