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Few know the history and culture of Nintendo better than Florent Gorges and Isao Yamazaki.
Brian Ashcrash (Otaku.com)
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100% secured payment
Encryption is an essential means to ensure a high level of security transactions. All pages on this site relating to personal information and payment process are encrypted with 128 bit SSL. In all secure areas where the URL begins with https:// (where the 's' stands for secure), the information is encrypted and therefore protected before being transferred over the Internet.


Conditions, fees and shipping times
We have a currency converter built into the web site, and you can select whether to make paymnt in GBP ( British Sterling ) , USD ( United States Dollars), AUD ( Australian Dollars ) , or CAD ( Canadian Dollars )


Country of delivery
Pix'n Love delivers the physical items (books, toys, figures., OST' s etc ...) in all countries.


Terms of delivery
You can order together in one single order items of varying availability. If you elect to do this we can not ship your order until it is in stock in it's entirety. If you do not wish to wait for products, we advise you to order these out of stock products seperately.


Shipping - Free Shipping
Delivery is free on our range of Pix n Love books for the UK !


Summary of time and cost of delivery
Delivery times vary by carrier and the final destination of the package. We ship all UK orders first class recorded delivery, which is a 48 hour service which requires a signiature for delivery.  We ship International orders using either Royal Mail airmail, or French airmail.


Postal rates:


Protection of your personal data
Pix'n Love recognizes and guarantees that the collection of information and data transmitted through this website's aim is the transmission to individuals involved in the delivery of orders only. Pix'n Love Publishing also undertakes not to distribute or sell the personal information entrusted to it and do not send unsolicited email.