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Few know the history and culture of Nintendo better than Florent Gorges and Isao Yamazaki.
Brian Ashcrash (Otaku.com)
Who we are?

Who are we?


Pix'n Love Publishing was founded in 2007 by three passionate about the history of video games. Their goal is to offer gamers, as well as anybody curious about the subject, a selection of reliable books about their passion: video gaming and its history. During their four years on the market, they've published, re-released, translated and written over 60 books in French. Some even became real best sellers in France and French speaking territories. Today, Pix'n Love Publishing goes international and is proud to bring you some of their most successful releases.
The first one, the History of Nintendo (1889-1980) is available now.

Pix n' Love Publishing are the world's leading publisher of books relating to the burgeoning and fascinating subject of the History of Video Games. We are proud to be an Independant company, and we appreciate your support.
With YOUR help and support we can grow, and increase our catalogue.


The Pix'n Love Team (and what a team!)