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"This book (The History of Nintendo Vol.1) is a fascinating read full of passages destined to enter the "did you know?" repertoire of Nintendo fans the world over".


Devil May Cry - A Divine Comedy

Devil May Cry - A Divine Comedy


Capcom and Les Editions Pix'n Love are proud to announce the official book Devil May Cry – A Divine Comedy

After several years' absence, the Devil May Cry franchise finally returns! With its rock'n roll atmosphere and its charismatic hero, the adventures of Dante the demon hunter ushered a new era for the beat'em all genre.To celebrate this rebirth, Les Editions Pix'n Love gives you the opportunity to get your hands on a collector's edition entirely dedicated to the Devil May Cry saga.

In Devil May Cry: A Divine Comedy you will find information on the first four episodes including stories about the series' creation and inspirations as well as the vision that the creators had in mind.





  • A complete retrospective on the Devil May Cry saga
  • A prestigious book with the official Capcom license
  • Interviews from the masterminds behind the saga
  • Tons of artworks and official illustrations


Availability : Now
Price : £ 34,99